Why Grass-Fed?

Our own family suffers from wheat & chemical allergies, so we are very passionate and committed to our Diamond K GrassFed Beef.

Thank you for your interest,
The Krause Family


“Delicious” — Mikey R.

“Awesome” — Bob I.

“Excellent” — Ned T.

“Good job”– Kelly I.

“Darn stinking good” — Larry R.

“After experiencing digestive issues from hormone injected beef, we switched our diets to grass fed beef. Big difference. We are very pleased. The t-bone steaks we grilled last night were DELICIOUS! Great flavor, all we added before grilling was sea salt and pepper. YUM!”

“How do you get that flavor” — Gregg H.

“That is really, really good” — Doug S.

“Very flavorful, tender and juicy” — Kevin R.

“Nothing better than your beef”